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Shoto Niju Kun

1.Karate begins and ends with courtesy
2.There is no first attack in karate.
3.Karate is an assistance to justice.
4.Know yourself before you know others.
5.Spirit before technique.
6.Be ready to free your mind.
7.Accidents come from inattention.
8.Karate training is not only in the dojo.
9.You will never stop learning karate.
10.Make karate part of your life and you will find myo.
11.Karate is like hot water. If not given continual heat, it will go cold.
12.Do not think you must win. Instead, think that you do not have to lose.
13.Think that your hands and feet are swords.
14.Be aware of your actions so as not to invite trouble.
15.First master low stances, then natural posture.
16.Practicing kata is no substitue for the real thing.
17.Think of ways to apply these precepts every day.

This kun should also be read several times. Each time you read it, you will discover something new.